About Us

Welcome to PMD Data Solutions

PMD Data Solutions is a specialist provider of data protection, cyber security, backup & retention technologies. We have been supporting corporate and institutional buyers for over 45 years – since becoming a limited company in 1977.  We work with some of the leading global technology providers to deliver cutting-edge solutions to meet today’s modern IT challenges.

PMD Data Solutions can offer leading Email Gateway Protection, App & Cloud Security, Network Security and Data Protection. We supply innovative Cloud-Ready solutions with seamless protection of the whole Microsoft 365 environment and award winning solutions for many other SaaS platform cloud providers.

Our software portfolio also includes SaaS solutions for Microsoft 365, Goggle Workspace, Google Classroom, Salesforce and Dynamics 365 environments. Working with a variety of leading technology vendors, your data is protected whether it is on-premise or in the cloud. We also offer flexible finance and subscription payments to help spread the cost.

For traditional on-premise and hybrid environments, we can provide server-storage technologies – complemented by networking and wireless technologies for a true core-to-edge offering. We can also offer server and network technologies to buy via consumption-based terms.

For long-term retention of your most critical data, we continue to provide market-leading LTO Ultrium and Enterprise hardware tape technology – together with industry-leading LTO Ultrium tape media & Software-defined storage.

For hybrid environments looking to leverage Cloud services, we can offer software-based integrated backup & recovery solutions. Combining robust physical storage & ransomware protection, with easy-to-use Cloud options, our solutions can revolutionise your legacy backup operations.

As a commitment to supporting data lifecycle management, PMD Data Solutions is proud to offer in-house Certified Data Media Destruction Services. With no third-party involvement, we can provide maximum data security for our clients. Through our ‘Cradle to Grave’ service, we collect and destroy all formats of recorded media using a secure, environmentally friendly system. From legacy tape media formats, to hard drives – our in-house shredding and granulation facility satisfies the compliance requirements of government departments, finance, commerce, education, industry and research.

Email sales@pmddatasolutions.co.uk and we will help identify the solutions to meet your data protection, backup, retention and archive requirements.