AvePoint Dynamics 365 Backup

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Backup and Restore

Easily recover CRM data with our automatic SaaS backup solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365. Bounce back from service outages, ransomware attacks, and user errors.

Complete Dynamics 365 Backup for Your CRM Data

Enjoy around-the-clock protection for critical Dynamics 365 data. Online backups run automatically, minimizing recovery point objectives for our item-level restore. No matter where you want to store data and when you need to recover it, you’re safe with our 256-bit encryption.

Worry-free CRM protection

Meet your data protection and backup retention requirements with unlimited, automated backups up to four times a day.

Sensible Backup Storage

Your data is safe and encrypted in our cloud, but AvePoint also support BYOK and BYOS according to your specific needs.

Anywhere, Anytime Access

Granular restore and on-demand, full-fidelity recovery mean you can minimize business disruption.

Meet Recovery SLAs

Minimize data loss, downtime, and restore times while satisfying aggressive Service Level Agreements.

Barracuda Cloud-to-Cloud Backup

Your Safe Space for CRM Contacts, Fields and Entities

Safeguard CRM data with AvePoint Cloud Backup for Dynamics 365. Security is AvePoint’s top priority: Whether you’re exporting a backup, performing a granular restore, creating reports, or securing data, enjoy our end-to-end data protection.

Flexible Restore

Access, search, and restore entities and records for targeted rollback based on properties, including content owner, date created, and modified.

Compare Backups

Comparison reports let you see what’s changed between backups, and locate the entity you must restore, when you need it.

Maintain Metadata

Metadata, permissions, and properties are fully maintained when you restore content.

Unlimited Retention

AvePoint offer unlimited retention to ensure 100% of your backup data is safe, sound and fully recoverable.

Why You Need Microsoft Dynamics 365 Backup with AvePoint


AvePoint Cloud Backup


Dynamics 365 Native

Flexible Backup Solution

Backs up Dynamics 365 data up to 4 times a day on flexible schedule Backs up Dynamics 365 data once a day on fixed schedule

Granular Restore

Can restore granular items with metadata and permissions intact Can restore only at the instance level and sandbox instance level

Backup Data Retention

Unlimited retention for 100% of your backup data Automatically backup up from 7 to 30 days


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