AvePoint Opus

Powered by advanced AI, AvePoint Opus is the next generation of information lifecycle management solutions allowing you to have complete control from creation to archive or defensible disposal, all through a central interface.

Don’t Just Manage Information – Command It

Organizations worldwide have moved to the cloud in pursuit of digital collaboration, IT agility, and on-the-go access. But the digital workplace inherently leads to content sprawl, which brings with it greater exposure to risk, increased compliance challenges, and rising storage costs. No matter where you are in your journey to the cloud, a comprehensive information management strategy, including automatic data classification powered by AI, is critical to achieving operational efficiency and compliance.

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Intelligent Storage Optimization

With 9 out of every 10 IT leaders saying that “cloud first” is a cornerstone of their digital strategy, it is clear that the cloud is now the primary place for organizations and their employees to work and collaborate effectively.

The problem? All your videos, images, and other large files (and their versions!) can easily over-run your Microsoft 365 storage allowances. Microsoft, like other cloud providers, have consistently increased storage prices to varying degrees. With AvePoint Opus, get your files in check to avoid an unexpected bill and streamline your stored content to make it easier for users to find what they need to do their jobs. AvePoint’s intelligent storage optimization capabilities can archive data to lower cost cloud storage, improve data quality, and ensure compliance.

Content Archiving
Archive SharePoint Online, Groups, Team sites, and OneDrive content.

Filtering and Rules
Apply business rules to archive content based on various criteria.

High Fidelity Optimization
Preserve metadata, workflow state, permissions, and more.

Flexible Cloud Storage
Align one or more cloud storage systems to support a cost-effective storage hierarchy.

Your Information is an Asset: Turn it Into an Advantage

Easily automate business rules to manage your entire information lifecycle—from creation and classification archiving or disposal. Control your content from a centralized command center, managing electronic content, self-hosted SharePoint, Exchange Online, social media, file or other connected systems directly alongside physical records.

Rapid classification
Automatically classify content using advanced AI.

Complete control
Oversee and report on all information lifecycle actions.

Secure information
Apply rules for content management, archiving, and disposal.

Many organizations have seen their data volume grow significantly in recent years as organizations adopted collaboration solutions, remote work became the norm, and users regularly work across multiple devices and systems. Reduce data storage costs and mitigate potential overage fees applying automated rules to move your content to cheaper storage, while maintaining full oversight and management.

Dynamic retention
Apply default rules to records with business-defined criteria.

Automated storage
Optimize storage by tiering content based on time and metadata.

Total oversight
Maintain oversight with built-in reporting and auditing.

Reviewed and certified by leading global authorities, AvePoint Opus is built to achieve compliance with your company’s own policies as well as rapidly changing regulatory requirements. Rest easy knowing that you’re not holding on to too much – or too little – information, which means less risk of fines, brand injury, loss of assets, litigation, and exposure.

Next-level classification
Accurately classify content aligned to your lifecycle policies.

Defensible disposal
Dispose of unnecessary content, whether active or inactive.

Advanced search
Quickly find information for access requests.

With automated classification, powered by AvePoint Maestro – our advanced machine learning model built on Azure Machine learning – data classification is accurate and consistent without burdening end users or administrators. Plus, AI makes data managers more efficient and enhances scalability. With no need for employees to spend time searching for data or re-creating content that can’t be found, you’ll see productivity gains and a better user experience.

Intelligent classification
Classify content in weeks, as opposed to years if done manually.

Empower end users
Remove barriers for users to find information fast.

Seamless integration
Efficiently save content with Office and email integration tools.

Streamline your information management with a single-pane-of-glass solution that manages electronic and physical content from a simple, intuitive interface. Get quick answers to top-of-mind questions through a graphical dashboard that’s designed for information managers, by information managers. Enable security-trimmed search results and reporting with delegated administration.

Complete transparency
Manage all content from a centralized dashboard.

Robust reporting
Track user actions, audit trails, and storage savings.

Delegate management
Enable role-based access and security trimming.

The Next Generation of AI-Powered Information Lifecycle Management

AvePoint Opus is purpose-built to assist organizations in meeting global regulatory requirements, from international standards to local legislation and laws, as well as your company’s own policies. Backed by AvePoint’s powerful security and governance framework, we take the guesswork out of keeping up with the ever-changing compliance landscape. AvePoint Opus is certified compliant for stringent regulations including the National Archives and Records Administration’s FERMI, Information Security Registered Assessors Program (IRAP), and Victorian Electronic Records Strategy (VERS).

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While some may think that information management is only business-critical for regulated entities, in fact, an advanced information management strategy is a universal need. Smart and scalable, AvePoint Opus easily adapts to your industry-specific requirements – including regulations for healthcare, manufacturing, financial services, government, education, energy, and more. Maintain oversight with built-in reporting and auditing, all from our SaaS application.

With AvePoint Opus, manage your information strategy, not your end users. Our solution empowers information managers to make better use of their time and expertise by simplifying the management of data lifecycle and storage. Tackle compliance, data overload, and inconsistent classifications with streamlined information lifecycles, from classification and storage to retention and disposal, so you can make your information work for you.

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