AvePoint Policies for Microsoft 365

Enforce controls for Microsoft 365 sharing, permissions, membership, and configuration. Secure your digital workspaces.

Automated security policy enforcement for Microsoft 365

AvePoint Policies makes it easy to automate common rules for access, settings, and other Microsoft 365 configurations. Set white/black list policies, rules for external sharing, and more. When AvePoint Policies finds configuration drift, you can notify and even revert the change automatically. Securing collaboration in Teams, Groups, Sites, and OneDrive is easy with AvePoint Policies.

Keep Your Collaboration Secure with AvePoint Policies


In the era of GenAI, combating oversharing is key to an organization’s data foundation. Create automated policy rules that enforce oversharing, including sensitivity label enforcement, direct sharing prevention, and guest user full control permission restriction. Additionally, set up notifications to specific users, administrators, or site owners. 


  • Create rules that align with your organization’s needs.
  • Configure rules for access, sharing, tagging, versions, and more.
  • Monitor rules, best practices, or policy compliance.


Reset and enforce access and conditional policies for tenant-level or individual services like SharePoint, Teams, OneDrive, or security and distribution groups. Policies like access request settings, control access for unmanaged devices, or membership restrictions will ensure that only approved users have access to the content. 


  • Build policies based on insights and best practices.
  • Revert or notify configuration drift and security issues.
  • Gain insights and apply batch fixes immediately.

Pair AvePoint Policies with AvePoint Insights, to show security posture progress. Understand how IT resolves issues and proves risk reduction in your tenant. 


  • Show the business impact of IT actions.
  • Track your risk score to demonstrate security posture.
  • Across Microsoft 365, centrally audit admin activity.

Your Common Framework to Keep Collaboration Secure

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Drive IT Efficiency

For IT Directors
Built-in best practices and automated controls take the complexity out of configuration. Focus on higher-value projects while Policies takes care of the rest.

SharePoint Online

Reduce Risk

For Security Officers
Automation ensures consistent policy implementation. Get the insight you need, fast, to prove compliance with access rules and information barriers.

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Maximize Investment

For Business Owners
Improve productivity with the latest collaboration tools. Security features are baked in so you can focus on driving maximum business results.

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Get AvePoint Insights to Create Even Better Microsoft 365 Policies

Not sure which policies and rules make sense for you? With AvePoint Insights for Microsoft 365, get the intelligence you need to build better Microsoft 365 policies. Insights uses Microsoft’s data to combine, parse, and prioritize your potential issues, so AvePoint’s not crawling Microsoft 365 or adding to your throttle concerns.

External user management

Easily monitor, control, and set access policies for external users, tailored for workspace purpose or metadata.

Automated policy enforcement

Ensure actions do not violate content and security rules by automatically reverting out-of-policy changes.

Rapid policy creation

Quickly configure rules to control sensitivity, external sharing, data protection, and license usage.

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