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Analytics for Microsoft 365

Transform your employee experience with powerful analytics for Microsoft 365 (Office 365). Get a detailed view of digital collaboration and productivity across your entire organization so you can align your employee experience strategy with concrete activity and engagement insights.

Measure What Matters

Today’s leaders must make critical decisions amidst a sea of change. From managing a distributed workforce to embracing digital transformation and looking for meaningful efficiencies, each decision comes with a cost. With the stakes so high, how do you know you’re charting the right path?

By analyzing your teams’ best work habits, what messages are resonating, and the health of your initiatives and investments, you’ll gather the right insights to drive meaningful change across your organization. Whether you’re interested in looking at the entire Microsoft 365 ecosystem or gaining a deeper understanding of activity and engagement in SharePoint or Viva Engage, our robust analytics tailored to your organization help drive smarter decisions.

    Measure Robust Engagement Analytics

    In hybrid work environments it’s harder than ever for leaders to define and measure employee engagement. Luckily, Avepoint’s pinpointed the right data that tells a story of the employee experience, so you can figure out how your people are working, collaborating, and consuming information.


    • License Optimization
      Measure Microsoft 365 adoption and license consumption so you can save money on unused licenses and predict the best users to get new licenses like Copilot, Teams Premium, or E5.
    • Modern Work
      Recognize when and where your people are most collaborative in SharePoint so you can promote productive file sharing and activity.
    • Teams Calling
      Understand your organization’s Teams Calling experience, looking at time spent in meetings, average meeting size, and more.

    Optimize Your Digital Experiences

    Digital tools can make or break your employee experience. Continuously improve your SharePoint Sites, Teams and Channels, and Viva Engage communities to positively impact employee productivity and well-being.


    • Content Navigation
      See how people are finding your content to improve SharePoint site navigation and file sharing.
    • Stronger Employee Communications
      Ensure a healthy balance of engaged teams and communities in your network to create a solid foundation for impactful communications.

    Recommend Solutions to Mitigate Communication Vulnerabilities

    Your internal reputation and brand are just as important as your external. Leaders must be able to quickly understand where their internal exposure lies, what the critical risks are, and how to leverage the right channels to promote effective communication.


    • Clean Up Your Content
      Discern site content that’s relevant from the stale information that could confuse users and spread wrong information if picked up by Copilot for Microsoft 365.
    • Direct the Conversation
      See what topics are most important to your people through Teams and Viva Engage posts and decide what conversations require intervention.

    Advance Your Digital Workplace

    SharePoint Online

    Comprehensive Microsoft Copilot Analytics

    Evaluate your Copilot for Microsoft 365 investment with low-friction dashboards that enable you to easily share licensing, adoption, and usage insights with stakeholders. Reveal how Copilot for Microsoft 365 impacts your workforce and understand what guidance is needed to scale usage to accelerate adoption.

    SharePoint Online

    Embedded SharePoint Reporting

    Modern Intranets are collaborative knowledge hubs designed to optimize user experience and retention. With in-context, in-product analytics, easily understand performance metrics and usage trends for your SharePoint sites and pages.

    SharePoint Online

    Understand Employee Engagement

    Visualize how your message is landing, including who it’s reaching, how they’re reacting, and where they’re engaging. Armed with rich insights for Viva Engage, Teams, and your SharePoint intranet, you can optimize your internal communications strategy.

    SharePoint Online

    Microsoft Teams

    Gain insight into how your organization uses Microsoft Teams: channel activity, team interactions, and sentiment analysis.

    SharePoint Online


    Our SharePoint tools offers comprehensive inventory and usage analytics across all SharePoint sites in your organization.

    SharePoint Online

    Viva Engage

    Built with community managers, group admins, and business stakeholders in mind, tyGraph for Viva Engage (formerly Yammer) brings key metrics to the surface.

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