Barracuda Web Security

Protect everyone from web-based threats

18.5 million websites are infected with malware at any given time.

Cybercriminals use email to deliver links to malicious websites that users can access outside their mail system — which can then spread rapidly.

Block access to malicious content.

Prevent users from accessing malicious websites and enforce corporate and regulatory policy compliance.

Enable employee productivity.

Up to 40% of internet activity is non-work related. Stop unproductive and inappropriate web browsing with granular access policies and narrow them to user and group policies.

Get anytime/anywhere secure internet access.

Advanced DNS filtering, enforced through an agent with support for any platform, ensures that remote users are fully protected even when they are off the network.

Barracuda Cloud-to-Cloud Backup

Secure Internet Access (SIA) – for any device, at anytime and anywhere.

Today’s users get work done from many places—internet cafés, home offices, airports, etc. They need to be protected from web-based threats the same way as if they were in an office. Barracuda SecureEdge Agent provides secure Zero Trust Access to business applications and at the same time enforces corporate web security policies, regardless of user location or device type.

Dynamic full stack security inspection when needed.

Today more than 90% of traffic on corporate devices is destined towards known company apps or SaaS applications, with office suites like Microsoft 365 making up the majority of productive traffic. Security inspection for Microsoft 365 is best done inside the application, and scanning these traffic types is often senseless and may even disrupt the application. Advanced security inspection for endpoints is available for applications where it makes sense and based on dynamic assessment of risk factors. Barracuda SecureEdge—deployed as a cloud service or as an on-site device on the private edge—applies advanced threat detection mechanisms for these protocols and applications if needed.

Barracuda Cloud-to-Cloud Backup
Barracuda Cloud-to-Cloud Backup

Secure Web Gateway (SWG) full security stack.

Every SecureEdge site device includes the complete Secure Web Gateway security stack, including Advanced Threat Protection, Deep-SSL Inspection, category-based web filtering, application control, and user-based polices. All of this is managed from an intent-based easy-to-use cloud UI. Just create your company’s web filter and security policy once and it will be automatically enforced at every office location and even at the remote endpoints.

Easy to use yet designed to meet even complex needs.

Although SecureEdge was designed for simple use, it can cover the most complex use cases and exceptions if necessary. In addition to regular block pages that prevent access to unwanted or malicious websites, SecureEdge also supports “warn and access anyway” as well as silent notification and logging of unwanted websites. By default, a web filter policy applies to the entire network and even to all remote users protected with the SecureEdge Access Client. Creating override policies for specific sites, departments, users, or user groups is quick and easy with the intent-based web configuration portal inside the SecureEdge Manager.

Barracuda Cloud-to-Cloud Backup
Barracuda Cloud-to-Cloud Backup

Regulatory compliance and web monitoring.

Wherever web filtering is deployed in educational and similar institutions, web monitoring is required to prevent potentially unwanted behavior. For this reason, SecureEdge services and SecureEdge site devices include pre-written English-language dictionaries of keywords and phrases related to harassment, weapons, terrorism, and pornography. SecureEdge monitors keyword searches in these categories and notifies administrators for further action as defined by company policy. Alerts are tagged with real network user identities, timestamps, IP addresses, and search terms so that the source can be easily identified independently of online profiles. Custom keywords for monitoring can be easily added via the web-based user interface.

Global threat-intelligence network to stay ahead of new threats.

From Secure Internet Access (SIA) on mobile devices to a full-blown Secure Web Gateway to protect office environments, Barracuda’s unmatched global threat-intelligence network powers its security solutions by analyzing vast amounts of diverse, real-time threat information from millions of collection points around the world. Barracuda leverages this system to continually enhance its threat-detection capabilities and respond to rapidly evolving threats.

Barracuda Cloud-to-Cloud Backup

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