Cisco Network Analytics

Application experience is king. So maintaining service levels between users and applications—anywhere—is vital.

Features and benefits

Advanced AI-enabled analytics is available across all Cisco network platforms. Get the high-quality visibility and fast remediation that you need to help assure service, from user to applications.

End-to-end network insights

Monitor, analyze, and troubleshoot the complete path across private and public networks.

Domain intelligence

Get specialized network insights into wireless interference, traffic route analysis, security anomalies, and more.

Proactive remediation

Accelerate resolution with enhanced visibility and root-cause isolation.

Integrated processes

Streamline service assurance processes with API integration across network analytics platforms and IT systems.

Cisco SD-WAN Analytics

Extend your network visibility and observability with Cisco vAnalytics and Cisco ThousandEyes. You’ll gain actionable insights to help you transform network operations from a reactionary to a highly proactive model.

Cisco vAnalytics

  • Correlate application performance with underlying networks to rapidly pinpoint the source of disruptions.
  • Translate telemetry data into actionable insights to help speed resolution.
  • Deploy highly visualized graphic capabilities that simplify consumption of network analytics.
  • Offer your CIO, CTO, and COO visual representation and analytics reports for offline review.

Cisco SD-WAN with Cisco ThousandEyes

  • Extend visibility into the internet, the cloud, and SaaS applications for insights beyond the corporate network.
  • Gain hop-by-hop visibility into the network underlay, including detailed path and performance metrics.
  • Mitigate risk by establishing and validating key performance indicators (KPIs) before, during, and after deployment of SD-WAN.
  • Help to ensure optimal connectivity to cloud-based security services.

Cisco Access Networking

  • Centralize management with Cisco Catalyst Center and unlock industry-leading automation, security, and artificial intelligence.
  • Observe and capture model-driven telemetry with Catalyst 9000 switches, wireless controllers, and access points.
  • See beyond the campus perimeter with Cisco ThousandEyes Network and Application Synthetics.
  • Gain client-side visibility to deliver better wireless experiences with Intel Connectivity Analytics.

Cisco Data Center and Cloud Networking

  • Gain end-to-end visibility from on-premises to public cloud using flow and packet analytics, while providing operations flexibility.
  • Monitor and troubleshoot issues in a multicloud network using correlated telemetry data analytics and AIOps.
  • Leverage ITOM and ITSM analytics to automate incident management and remediation and create self-healing infrastructure.

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