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FUJIFILM Object Archive Software
FUJIFILM Object Archive Software


Increase security and scalability while reducing costs, all without making major changes to your storage infrastructure

Companies of all types and sizes generate data at astonishing speeds, and storing that information securely can be a huge endeavor — not to mention a costly one. FUJIFILM Object Archive acts as an enterprise solution for the archiving of cold data, securing your data at a lower cost and fully handling it so you can concentrate on your customers and growth.

FUJIFILM Object Archive is a data archiving solution that works seamlessly within your hybrid cloud strategy. FUJIFILM Object Archive:

  Enables full chain of custody, managing your sensitive data on-premises

  Provides a scalable solution for long-term retention

  Reduces storage costs by up to 80%

  Safeguards against ransomware attacks

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Integrate seamlessly with the cloud, protect against ransomware attacks, and retain your data long-term with FUJIFILM Object Archive

By leveraging S3-compatible API, FUJIFILM Object Archive is able to operate with multiple platforms. Integrate with your hybrid-cloud and multi-cloud initiatives and keep a copy of your data on-premises on tape storage. Any highly confidential or mission-critical data is protected by a physical air-gap between network storage and backup, all while saving you the cost of expensive egress fees.

Because FUJIFILM Object Archive has an S3-compatible API, users can easily move their archival data from the cloud to tape. This way, customers can prevent cloud lock-in.

   Works with multiple platforms

  Prevents cloud lock-in

  Creates an air-gap between archived data and your network to enforce security

What Is FUJIFILM Object Archive?

FUJIFILM Object Archive is a hybrid cloud solution that supports security and scalability. Find out how FUJIFILM Object Archive helps you manage long-term cold data without burdening budgets.

Why Did Fujifilm Create FUJIFILM Object Archive Software?

Fujifilm developed FUJIFILM Object Archive software to meet a growing need in the industry for archiving cold data.

How Does FUJIFILM Object Archive Software Work?

The software works by simplifying and securing cold data storage with automations and use of an Amazon S3-compatible API. These automations include managing S3 buckets, creating packed objects, and handling the processes that pass data to tape.

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