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Fujifilm Data Storage Media
Fujifilm Data Storage Media

PMD Magnetics supply the full range of Fujifilm Data Storage Media products, including all generations of Ultrium LTO and 3592 tape media. This Includes LTO-9

PMD Magnetics are the sole Fujifilm Data Storage UK Distributor for the Media & Entertainment market, which includes the supply of LTO-9,  LTO-8,  LTO-7,  LTO-6 and LTO-5 Ultrium tape media.

Below is information about Fujifilm's pioneering tape technology and the latest generations of Ultrium LTO.

TOKYO, September 7, 2021 – FUJIFILM Corporation (President: Teiichi Goto) is pleased to announce the launch of “FUJIILM LTO Ultrium9 Data Cartridge” (LTO9). It complies with the ninth generation LTO Ultrium standards for magnetic tape storage media, suitable for backing up and archiving large-capacity data. LTO9 uses Fujifilm’s proprietary technology to offer up to 45TB in storage capacity (18TB for non-compressed data), 50% increase from the previous generation of LTO tape.

The amount of data generated worldwide has exponentially increased in recent years with the introduction of 5G networks and high-definition 4K / 8K video, development of IoT, information and communication technology, and the use of Artificial Intelligence for Big Data analysis.

This includes “cold-data,” or data that was generated a long time ago and rarely accessed, which is estimated to account for more than 80% of all data. The utilization of accumulated data, including cold data, is rapidly increasing for developing next-generation technologies, and so is the need for reliable and cost-effective long-term storage of such data for future use.

Yet, consuming a large amount of electricity for using and storing high-volume data amounts will lead to increased CO2 emissions. Major data centers and private enterprises are actively adopting renewable energy to satisfy their electricity demand, or building a data infrastructure with minimal power use, in their efforts to address climate change, which is one of major social issues.

The new LTO9 features barium ferrite magnetic particles (BaFe magnetic particles), formulated into fine particles with Fujifilm’s proprietary “NANOCUBIC technology”, evenly distributed to coat tape surfaces, forming a smooth and thin magnetic layer with minimum unevenness.

This has resulted in the maximum storage capacity of 45TB (18TB for non-compressed data), some 1.5 times the capacity of LTO8. The new tape also delivers high-speed data transfer reaching 1,000MB/sec. (400MB/sec. for non-compressed data) for advanced convenience. Furthermore, there is no need to have it constantly powered on during data storage, thereby reducing the amount of electricity consumption in the process compared to HDDs.

Magnetic tapes can also be stored offline, creating “air gap” as a form of protection to minimize the risk of data damage / loss in cyberattacks. The fact that the storage media provides long-term storage of high-capacity data safely, has made magnetic tape a preferred choice of major data centers and research institutes for many years.

As a manufacturer of computer-use magnetic tapes with the top global market share, Fujifilm will continue to develop and supply high-performance and high-quality media and services that satisfy customer needs and expectations, while also addressing solutions to social issues.

Fujifilm 3592 Tape Cartridge
Fujifilm 3592 Tape Cartridge

For IBM 3592 TotalStorage™ Enterprise Tape Drive System
Enterprise-class data storage systems require the use of media that offers both high capacity and extremely high reliability. Featuring Fujifilm's proprietary NANOCUBIC technology, our 3592 Tape Cartridge Series offers 500GB native capacity (1500GB, 3:1 data compressed) and a native transfer rate of 104MB/second. And Fujifilm tape products are recognized throughout the world as among the most reliable data storage products available.


Fujifilm 3592 500GB & 100GB WORM: Write Once Read Many Tape Cartridges
Fujifilm 3592 WORM cartridges are designed to help support long term data retention needs and meet regulatory requirements worldwide. Fujifilm 3592 WORM cartridge design includes embedded security features to help prevent the alteration or deletion of stored data, such as our tamper-proof screws which prevent the cartridge from being opened, providing extra security for your most critical data.



  • Capacity: 300GB (Native) / 500GB (Compressed) - JA Tape
  • Transfer speed: 104MB/second (Native) - JA Tape
  • Durability: 300 full passes (long length); 40,000 cycles at ambient
  • Capacity: 60GB (Native / 100GB (Compressed) - JJ Tape
  • Made possible by Fujifilm NANOCUBIC Technology