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HPE T950 Tape Library

Meeting enterprise data growth challenges head-on, HPE T950 Tape Library deliver enormous scalability to keep pace with unpredictable data growth.

Choose from a range of base configurations and scale up to 10,020 LTO tape cartridges in increments of 10 slots or 7,614 TS11xx Technology tape cartridges in increments of 9 slots for capacity on demand.

Incorporating between 1 and 120 LTO or TS11xx tape drives you can consolidate and store up to 380.7 PB (compressed 2.5:1) using TS1160 Technology or 450 PB (compressed 2.5:1) using LTO-9 tape cartridges, of enterprise data


  • Capacity on Demand from 50 to 10,020 LTO Tape Cartridges (7,614 TS11xx Technology Cartridges) and 1 to 120 LTO or TS11xx tape drives.
  • Scale capacity in 10 LTO or 9 Enterprise tape slot increments.
  • ­ Library frames/expansion modules add 8.71 ft2 per frame.
  • The T950 can be configured either for LTO-6, LTO-7, LTO-8 and LTO-9 or TS115x and TS1160 Technology drives, however mixed media support is not available within the library.
  • The T950 and T950V can also support both half-height LTO-7 and LTO-8 drives.

High Availability

  • Redundant power supplies.
  • Global Spare Drive option.
  • Manageability – BlueScale®
  • Management access on front panel of library or remotely via web-browser.
  • Easy to use web GUI.
  • BlueScale management software provides proactive hardware health monitoring.
  • BlueScale Library management provides advanced logs and reporting on media, drives, power consumption and performance.
  • Auto Support Logs (ASL) provide automatic e-mail alerts on monitored thresholds.


  • ­Built-in BlueScale Standard and Professional Encryption (LTO Only).
  • Hardware Based Encryption through Spectra SKLM.

Cost Effective

  • Ideal for archiving cold or active data with a media shelf-life of up to 30 years.­
  • Lowest cost per Gigabyte for longer term storage, no on-going power or energy requirement.
  • Portable, high density storage, small footprint with up to 45 TB of compressed data on a single LTO-9 data cartridge and 50 TB compressed on a single TS1160 JE Data Cartridge.


HPE T950 Tape Library
Drive Description – LTO-9, LTO-8, LTO-7, LTO-6, TS1150, TS1155, TS1160
Storage Capacity – 450 PB compressed 2.5:1, maximum using LTO-9
Data Transfer Rate – 400 MB/s, maximum using LTO-9 or TS 1160
Cartridge Slots Included – 10,020 for LTO, 7,614 for TS Technology
Maximum Drives per Enclosure – 120 for LTO and TS tape drives
Host Interface – LTO-9 8 Gb Fibre Channel or 12 Gb SAS and TS1160 16 Gb Fibre Channel or 12 Gb SAS
Encryption Type – Hardware-based encryption through Enterprise Secure Key Manager (ESKM), BlueScale Professional Encryption (LTO only), and Spectra Security Key Lifecycle Manager (SKLM)
Form Factor – Free standing frame (maximum 8)