IBM Tape Solutions

IBM tape storage means better data economics.

You gain scalability, durability, security, and energy efficiency at a compellingly lower cost than other media.

As the global market leader, IBM offers a full range of tape storage solutions. These include drives, autoloaders, libraries, virtual tape systems, and IBM Spectrum Archive software, which can make tape as simple to use as disk.

Midrange & Enterprise Tape Libraries

IBM TS4300

Modular, scalable tape libraries support business continuity and information lifecycle management. The IBM tape library family spans from midrange LTO tape systems to enterprise-class TS1150 / 3592 libraries.

Enterprise Tape Drives

IBM TS1130

High performance, availability, reliability and capacity for enterprise-class mass storage, data archiving, enterprise backup and disaster recovery.

Entry Tape Systems

IBM LTO 9 Tape Drive

Reliable, affordable solutions for data backup and retention, IBM desktop LTO tapes drives and autoloaders are available in LTO-9, LTO-8 and LTO-7 Ultrium format.