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International Wi-Fi Hotspot – Personal, Secure Wi-Fi in Your Pocket While Traveling Abroad


The Nighthawk M6 Pro: Reliable Wi-Fi and fast downloads, wherever you are in the world.

Wi-Fi is essential to our lives, and you shouldn’t have to sacrifice speed or security when you travel. A hotspot with International roaming capabilities is the solution. Whether you need to make an online bank transfer or hop on a business video meeting, you want to know you have a connection you can count on. As the perfect travel companion, the Nighthawk M6 Pro with international roaming can connect up to 32 devices at once to power work or play.

When you arrive at your destination, you may purchase a SIM at a local carrier’s store or kiosk. Alternatively, you can purchase an international SIM card online before departing.

Nighthawk M6 Pro

With the Nighthawk M6 Pro, you don’t have to leave home without first-class Wi-Fi.

Compact and reliable, you and your whole family can experience lightning-fast 5G speeds up to 2.5Gbps on your next business trip or family vacation. Whether you’re working, streaming, or posting on social media, you can rely on ultra-fast and secure Wi-Fi anywhere.

Travel Far – Keep Your Wi-Fi Close

You’ll get up to 1,000 sq. ft. of coverage – enough for many vacation homes and large suites. If you need to extend Wi-Fi beyond this, such as onto the patio, pool or backyard, simply plug the Nighthawk M6 Pro into a power outlet, and Wi-Fi will cover up to 2,000 sq. ft.

More range around the world

With the power of the mobile hotspot, you’ll have Wi-Fi even if you’re at a sporting event or taking in the sights in the local town square with a fast, secure connection that’s all your own. Nowhere near a wall plug? No worries. The Nighthawk M6 offers a powerful, upgraded battery with up to 13-hours of battery life, so you can rely on it all day long.

Don’t put your data at risk

Get peace of mind on the go with your own secure connection. Protect all your devices and online activities, from making financial transactions to joining confidential business meetings. With the Nighthawk M6 5G Mobile Hotspot, you never need to worry about having sensitive data exposed on public Wi-Fi.

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