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PMD Magnetics Data Storage Survey
PMD Magnetics Data Storage Survey

Thank you to all respondents in our Data Storage Survey which provided some interesting results! 

We will be announcing the winner shortly, but please see below for the answers we were looking for...

1. Which family of Flash storage products feature market-leading InfoSight predictive analytics?

Please tick one box.

a. HPE Nimble
b. IBM Storwize
c. Oracle ZFS
d.None of above

Answer: HPE Nimble

Infosight Predictive Analytics is installed on all HPE Nimble Flash Arrays. Infosight automatically predicts and resolves 86% of problems before you even know there is an issue.

2. Which type of recording media is the most cost effective for storing large data volumes for periods in excess of 10 years?

Please tick one.

a. HDD
b. SDD
c. LTO Tape
d. Optical Disc

Answer: LTO

LTO Ultrium tape media continues to be the most cost-effective and reliable format for long-term storage of large data volumes. Latest generation LTO-8 tape media enables 30TB capacity per tape, for storage of upwards of 30 years. Some optical discs offer 100+ years storage, but capacity is very limited compared with tape, and therefore costly per GB

3. Which of the following would provide the largest native storage capacity?

Please tick one.

a. 32 slot LTO8 tape library
b. 8-Bay NAS HDD
c. 16-Bay NAS SSD
d. 10 slot Optical Disc Library

Answer: 32 slot LTO8 tape library

A 32 slot tape library such as the HPE StoreEver MSL3040 provides up 960TB compressed storage capacity in just 3U of rackspace.

4. Which storage format is least susceptible to Ransomware attacks?

Please tick one.

a. Flash
b. Tape
c. Disk

Answer: Tape

Tape media is generally offline or stored offsite, so near immune to Ransomware attacks, hacking, malware and viruses.

5. Which RAID configuration is considered the 'safest' but also the 'slowest' when backing up data?

Please tick one.

a. RAID 0
b. RAID 5
c. RAID 1
d. RAID 6

Answer: RAID 1

RAID 1 is an exact copy of data written to 2 sets of disks at the same time, so is a slow but reliable method of writing multiple data copies. RAID 6 is generally considered the best all-round RAID setting for speed versus reliability.

6. GDPR is a 'hot topic'. Which of the following technologies will help comply with the new legislation?

a. Tape Storage
b. Software
c. Flash Storage
d. Disk storage
e. All of the above

Answer: All of the above

No single technology can satisfy all GDPR requirements. A robust data protection policy will require a combination of established data storage products.

7. Which of the listed technology companies are manufacturers of LTO and Enterprise data storage tape?

a. HPE
b. IBM
c. Quantum
d. Fujifilm
e. Sony
f. None of the above

Answer: Fujifilm

Fujifilm is the only manufacturer of Enterprise tape media for use in IBM and Oracle StorageTek tape systems. Fujifilm's Barium Ferrite (BaFe) tape coating technology enables high capacity enterprise-class storage

8. Which leading storage vendor is the only manufacturer of LTO-8 Ultrium tape drives?

a. HPE
b. IBM
c. Quantum
d. Fujifilm
e. None of the above

Answer: IBM

IBM is the sole manufacturer of LTO-8 tape drives used in all LTO tape systems. Previous LTO generation tape drives were manufactured by IBM, HPE and others.