Redstor Google Workspace Backup 

Back up all your Google Drive and Gmail data directly from Google’s cloud to Redstor’s.

Google Workspace Cloud Backup and Recovery

Protect your business-critical Google data in a couple of clicks, with no hardware needed and no impact on local bandwidth. Google Backups run daily without intervention, while new users are automatically added and protected.

Barracuda Cloud-to-Cloud Backup

Google Drive Backup

Redstor’s Google Workspace backup service includes backing up and restoring Google Drive. With this service, you can back up and restore files, folders, shared drives, and trash items. You can recover Google Drive data as a whole or a single item, returning it to its original location.

Gmail Backup

By utilizing our Google Workspace backup service, you can ensure the backup and recovery of your Google Gmail data. You can back up and restore messages (including archived, spam, trash, and attachments) and labels. You can recover Google Gmail data as a whole or a single item, returning it to its original location.

Exchange Mail Backup

Redstor’s Google Workspace backup solution ensures the protection and recovery of data in Google Contacts. With this service, you can back up and restore contacts. You can recover Google contacts data as a whole or a single item, returning it to its original location.

Google Calendar Backup

With Redstor’s Google Workspace backup service offering includes backing up and restoring Google Calendar. With this service, you can back up and restore calendar items. You can recover calendar data as a whole or a single item, returning it to its original location.

OneNote Backup

Within Redstor’s Google Workspace backup service, you’ll find support for backing up and recovering Google Classroom files. With this service, you can back up and restore courses, settings, material sets, aliases and annoucements, course invitations, coursework, students, teachers and teacher folders and topics. You can recover Google Classroom data as a whole or a single item, returning it to its original location.

Barracuda Cloud-to-Cloud Backup

Multiple Google workspace recovery options

When disaster strikes, ensure business continuity with lightning-fast restores of Google Drive and Gmail. Our G Suite backup solutions can recover back to the cloud or a physical machine, or even to a temporary virtual drive, which requires no local disk space.

Defense against malware

Automated malware detection, infused with artificial intelligence and built into the RedApp, checks for suspicious files in backups from Google Drive, Gmail (including attachments), Contacts, Calendar and Classroom.

Barracuda Cloud-to-Cloud Backup
Barracuda Cloud-to-Cloud Backup

Simplify regulatory compliance

Speed up Subject Access Requests with the easy-to-use RedApp. This centralised control centre also makes it easy to provision for deleted users, conquer compliance challenges and simplify the management of your entire data estate.

Adhere to compliance

Extend retention policies to comply with governance requirements and in line with best practices. For example, keep data for the standard 60 days, seven years or even indefinitely.

Barracuda Cloud-to-Cloud Backup

Recovery to the cloud

Bring your Google Drive, Gmail, Contacts, and Calendar data back online quickly and access it from anywhere using Redstor’s secure web app.

  • At-source data encryption and role-based permissions ensure the safety of your valuable files.

  • Both cloud and on-site data are managed from the RedApp for consistent protection policies.

Recovery with InstantData™

With Redstor’s unique InstantData™ technology, you can work immediately on whatever Google Drive files you need while less critical files are restored in the background.

  • Recover permanently to a physical machine during a disaster, ensuring the safety and accessibility of your data even if your environment has been compromised.

  • Recover to a virtual drive for temporary use, avoiding the need for local disk space.

Malware Detection

As part of every backup, Redstor’s AI-based Malware Detection detects and quarantines potential malware in your Google Workspace data, and then alerts you so you can take action.


  • Ring-fence your backups in a known safe state to ensure you can recover even if your Google data has been infected.
  • Eliminate downtime and productivity loss with the ability to recover malware-free versions of your files and resume normal operations.

Secure cloud data protection

Google accepts no responsibility for protecting Google Workspace hosted data. Microsoft itself recommends using a third-party backup service to guard against data loss. Redstor makes it easy to tick this box.


  • Use your cloud backups to recover accidentally or maliciously deleted data.
  • Redstor’s easy-to-use RedApp lets you customize data retention according to your business needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Google apps are included in your Google Workspace backups?

Redstor protect Google Drive, Gmail, Classroom, Calendar and Contacts. If they form part of your Google Drive contents, Restor also protect Google Apps Script projects, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drawings, Forms and Jamboards.

How does malware detection for Google Workspace work?

Redstor’s system automatically scans your data each time a backup completes, looking for indicators that malware is present in any of the files that have been added or changed since the last backup. If malicious files are found, they are automatically quarantined and you will be notified. You can choose to delete the files, or if you’re certain they’re harmless, mark them as safe to remove them from quarantine.

How do I recover my Google Workspace data?

Google Drive, Contacts and Calendar data can be recovered to the cloud, which means a new folder containing the files will be created in your existing setup. In addition, Google Drive, Gmail, Classroom, Contacts and Calendar data can all be recovered using Redstor’s InstantData technology. This lets you download a lightweight application onto the machine to which you want to recover the data, from where you can easily drag and drop files into your file explorer to recover them.

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