Redstor Server and Endpoint Backup

Smarter backup for servers, VMs, desktops, laptops, databases, apps and more…

Cloud-first backup with zero hardware

Back up your systems to the cloud and recover them to a different physical machine or a Hyper-V or VMware virtual machine. Choose between restoring the whole system, the system state, or just bare metal. With Redstor, your data is backed up to two cloud locations, with an optional local copy available free of charge.

Barracuda Cloud-to-Cloud Backup
Barracuda Cloud-to-Cloud Backup

Recover instantly

Traditional server and endpoint recovery requires users to wait for full systems and files to restore before being able to access the data. Redstors’ unique InstantData™ technology breaks the time barrier and enables users to instantly access files while full systems recover in the background.

Centralized management, from anywhere

Redstor minimizes management overhead by providing a single app, through which all data sources can be protected. Flexible recovery options ensure data can be restored to and accessed from any location, either locally or in the cloud.

In just a few clicks, set policies, add additional workloads, define user access, and exclude data with no business value to define and manage your data protection needs in minutes.

Time spent managing backup is minimized by utilizing Redstors’ AI and intelligent automation and customized reporting to free up time for you to spend time on more strategic tasks. Simply set and forget and manage by exception.

Barracuda Cloud-to-Cloud Backup

Smart and effortless recovery

Redstor’s data streaming technology allows you to recover massive systems in moments. When you initiate a recovery, InstantData™ makes stub files of all your data accessible immediately. Whatever files you open first are then rehydrated on demand, while your less critical data is recovered in the background.

Malware detection

Redstor’s smart AI-powered malware detection technology scans your endpoints for potentially malicious files and alerts you to their presence. You can then check and action these files from the RedApp. This acts as an additional layer of security, further protecting you from the growing risk of ransomware, in line with a best practice layered approach.

Archiving to free up space

Remove redundant, obsolete and trivial (ROT) data from your primary storage with our smart archiving service. Our policy engine identifies rarely accessed files and replaces them with stub files that take up less space, while the full file can still be opened on demand. This gives you a cost saving on your primary storage infrastructure without affecting the user experience.

Wide-ranging compatibility

Redstor’s backup solution supports many operating systems, including several versions of Windows, macOS and Linux (CentOS, Ubuntu, Red Hat, SUSE). You can also back up Hyper-V virtual machines by leveraging the VSS writer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What systems do Redstor support?

Redstor can protect a wide variety of operating systems, including versions Windows, Windows Server, macOS, Ubuntu, RHEL, CentOS and SUSE.

Can I set up my machines from the RedApp?

Yes. You’ll use the RedApp to generate a backup agent installer file for each machine/server, and that’s all you need to install to get your data protection up and running.

How do I recover a machine?

You can initiate a recovery directly from the RedApp, whether you want to restore a whole system or only specific files. You can also use the backup agent on any machine to recover that machine.

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