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HPE StoreOnce VSA Software
HPE StoreOnce VSA Software
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HPE StoreOnce VSA
HPE StoreOnce VSA Logo
HPE StoreOnce VSA


The HPE StoreOnce VSA extends the deployment options for StoreOnce with the agility and flexibility of a virtual appliance, removing the need to install dedicated data protection hardware. All the features of the purpose built StoreOnce Systems are available in a software defined backup target of up to 500TB usable capacity.

This provides a flexible and a cost effective backup target for virtualized server environments as part of a pure software defined data protection solution or in conjunction with StoreOnce purpose built appliances for mixed environments

StoreOnce VSA is a virtual appliance, for VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V, which allows flexible software defined, secondary storage to be quickly deployed. It can easily be deployed in small and branch locations with backup data replication configured to a remote StoreOnce system. Or, StoreOnce VSA can be deployed in a high availability configuration to reduce unavailability in the event of a host failure.

A single VSA can scale up to 500 TB of usable capacity, which is extended to 1,500 TB with the Cloud Bank Storage option, and protect up to 36 TB of data per hour.

The StoreOnce systems are integrated with HPE Primera, HPE 3PAR, HPE Nimble and data protection software to deliver an end-to end data protection solution. A simple, capacity based, scheme is used to license StoreOnce VSAs.

For environments with many StoreOnce VSAs, or a dynamic population of StoreOnce VSAs, a license server can be used to simplify StoreOnce VSA license management and enable licenses to be recycled when the StoreOnce VSA is decommissioned.

For evaluation, 90 day StoreOnce VSA trialware is available. For an extended evaluation or deployment into non-critical, self-supported environments, a 1 TB freeware StoreOnce VSA is also available. 

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Software Defined Backup Storage of up to 500 TB with HPE StoreOnce VSA

  • This is a 10x increase on previous generation StoreOnce VSA enabling not just more capcity but more performance, more streams, more replication sources and more stores.
  • A StoreOnce VSA can be configured with just 4 TB of capacity and grow to 500 TB in increments of 1 TB with no price penalty for growing as more backup storage is required.
  • Other virtual appliances for deduplicating backup storage are available but none offer 500 TB capacity; in fact StoreOnce VSA can be 5x larger than the next largest virtual deduplicating appliance.

Flexible Performance and Capacity Configuration

  • Flexible capacity addition with new capacity added in 1 TB increments or any multiple of 1 TB. Licenses added directly to the VSA instance or from a HPE StoreOnce VSA License Server.
  • Software defined performance with resources allocated to scale throughput, capacity, streams and number of backup targets as required to meet backup windows and restore SLAs.
  • Use multiple VSAs to define different performance backup targets e.g. large capacity, slower performance VSA or smaller capacity, high performance VSA to meet more demanding backup windows.

Choice of Hypervisor and Evaluation Options

  • Run HPE StoreOnce VSA on VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V or both with a single console to manage VSAs on both hypervisors. (Note: Hyper-V support is not currently supported with VSA version 4.2 code)
  • Evaluate all the HPE StoreOnce VSA features with trialware that enables up to 90 days usage. Purchase a license to continue usage with all configurations maintained.
  • StoreOnce VSA 1 TB freeware to support extended evaluation and non-critical, self-supported product use that can be easily upgraded to add HPE Support, Cloud Bank Storage, encryption and up to 500 TB capacity.

Centralized HPE StoreOnce VSA License Management for Large and Dynamic Deployments

  • For dynamic or large StoreOnce VSA installations, license management can be time consuming; the StoreOnce VSA License Server saves time by centralizing license management. Licenses are added to the AutoPass License Server to create a pool of capacity which is allocated as needed to connected VSAs.
  • The AutoPass License Server allows licenses from decommissioned StoreOnce VSAs to be returned to the license server and recycled for use on new StoreOnce VSAs to reduce licensing costs. Combined with StoreOnce Federated Management the StoreOnce VSA License Server allows single console management of large StoreOnce VSA deployments.
HPE StoreOnce VSA - Specifications
Form factor - Virtual appliance
Capacity (Raw) 4 TB - 500TB
Total maximum local usable capacity - Up to 500TB
Effective local usable capacity - 34PB (With 20:1 deduplication)
Max cloud bank storage capacity - 1PB
Maximum total capacity - 1.5PB
Logical capacity with 20: 1 deduplication - 30PB
Effective cloud bank storage capacity - 70PB (With 20:1 deduplication)
Write performance - 13 TB/hr
Read performance (Maximum aggregated data transfer rate using VTL) - 9 TB/hr
StoreOnce catalyst performance - 36 TB/hr
Target types - HPE StoreOnce Catalyst, Virtual Tape Library (VTL), NAS (CIFS and NFS)
Maximum targets (Catalyst, VTL NAS combined) - 32
Maximum VTL cartridges - 4096