Trustwave Penetration Testing

End-to-end penetration testing to allow you to proactively identify known and unknown threats, vulnerabilities, and cybersecurity risks to your people, processes, and technology.

Pen Testing Overview

Proactively identify known and unknown threats via end-to-end testing

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Enterprise Pen Testing

High value pen testing solution for enterprise organizations

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11 Essential Questions To Ask Your Pen Testing Service Provider

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Securing Today’s Expanded Attack Surface

Trustwave’s SpiderLabs team of certified vulnerability, penetration testing, and scenario testing
experts work with your security team to identify vulnerabilities and validate your security defenses.

Team Approach to Testing

Trustwave SpiderLabs team provides specific testing exercises to address your organization’s risks and capabilities.

Flexible & Cost Effective

Trustwave approach enables them to mix remote and onsite delivery models without sacrificing quality to deliver testing programs within budget and at scale.

Global CREST Resources

Benefit from Trustwave highly skilled, CREST-certified resources and be assured that the skills, expertise, and methodologies used are shared across Trustwave global team.

A CREST-Certified Organization

Trustwave SpiderLabs is proud to be a global CREST-certified organization for both Penetration Testing and Simulated Target Attack & Response (STAR) Penetration Testing.

Trustwave global reach enables them to consistently provide clients with the best service, increasing their cyber maturity through cutting edge penetration testing and modern attack-based simulations. Trustwave global CREST membership proves to clients that Trustwave are invested in training programs to ensure their teams are keeping up to date with the latest techniques.

Full Spectrum Testing

Trustwave can test all types of infrastructure, applications, systems, and endpoints specific to your industry and vertical.


Applications, Cloud, Code, Databases, Desktop, Firewalls, Mobile


Infrastructure, ICS, Network Devices, SCADA, Vehicles


Locks, Offices, Sites


Social Engineering, Phishing

Managed Vulnerability Scanning

  Full suite of capabilities to scan and rescan your environment, including network, application, and database scanning

  Regular cadence scanning for asset discovery and attack surface management to identify your blind spots

  On-demand scans to identify impacts of changes on your environment

  Scanner management to apply security updates and detect the latest vulnerabilities

Vulnerability Management

Inspection of endpoints to identify security gaps in your environment.

Penetration Testing

Pre-authorized, precise cyber attack on your environment to exploit security gaps.

Penetration Testing as a Service

Programmatic approach to penetration testing, with a system built end-to-end that can be easily implemented into your current operations.


  • Self-service testing to give you control over your testing programs
  • Reactive testing based on changes in your environment
  • Subscription-based application and network security testing to manage your budget
  • Remotely delivered to save you time and money

Custom Testing

Focused examination of specific aspects in your environment that may not be adequately addressed by standard testing approaches.


  • Customized testing scope and objectives to address your business needs
  • Tailored and in-depth analysis for your unique landscape, including operational technologies, business logic, privileged accounts, and M&A/major changes
  • Optimized for large programs of work to ensure scalability

Red Team Testing

Ultimate test of people, processes, and technology. Rather than focusing solely on technical controls, red team testing employs a full spectrum of techniques, including human factors and social engineering, to test and enhance your security.

Red Team

  Optimized based on specific frameworks (e.g., MITRE ATT&CK) for a more open-ended experience

  Social engineering techniques to test human-based weaknesses across your organization

  Bespoke tooling to bring in the right telemetry and test against threats

  Custom-scoped ‘continuous’ and ‘point in time’ exercises for current and proactive threat mitigation

✔  Remote or onsite delivery based on your needs

Purple Team

✔  Optimized based on specific frameworks (e.g., MITRE ATT&CK) for a more open-ended experience

  Tuning of defence technologies for improved threat detection

✔  Knowledge transfer for security teams to advance defence capabilities

✔  Remediation advice to collaborate with you throughout and after the engagement

 Remote or onsite delivery based on your needs

Purple Team Testing

While the red team (Trustwave, the attacker) aims to expose vulnerabilities in your environment, the blue team (you, the defender) is charged with stopping the attacks. Together they form the purple team, whereby Trustwave work with you side-by-side to improve your defense capabilities and increase maturity.

It’s All About Who You Trust

Trustwave is a globally recognized cybersecurity leader with more than 25 years of experience.


hours of penetration tests delivered globally per year


vulnerabilities discovered ​per year


high and critical severity infrastructure and web application vulnerabilities discovered per year


specialized security experts and researchers

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