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Unitrends Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery
Unitrends Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery

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Business uptime and data retention requirements are increasing.  But most IT organisations don't have the budget for a secondary site or the time to manage offsite storage.  Let the Unitrends Cloud do the work for you.

The Unitrends Cloud manages over 100PBs of customer data in SSAE 16 certified cloud data centres in 5 countries.  Unitrends Cloud offers data retention, recovery and continuity for Unitrends backup customers.

Unitrends Recovery Series backup appliances or UEB virtual appliances work with the Unitrends Cloud to deliver long-term retention and disaster recovery spin-up at an affordable, predictable cost.

Unitrends Cloud Services Include

  • Redundant cloud storage ensures availability of your data
  • Retention options to satisfy internal policies, compliance requirements and industry regulations
  • Advanced WAN Optimisation and in-flight deduplication
  • Military grade security with AES-256 encryption capabilities
  • Jump start cloud protection with rapid physical seeding
  • Easily view protected data
  • Self service tools to restore data
  • Optional Disaster Recovery services and Recovery Assurance automated testing
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