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1 in 2 organizations were impacted by a social engineering attack in 2022

Targeted attacks are increasing in their complexity and ability to evade traditional defenses. The need for a comprehensive, proactive, and smart email security solution has never been more urgent.

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Stop phishing attacks

Barracuda provides easy API integration with Microsoft 365 for ultimate protection against personalized threats. With its unmatched ability to analyze patterns, detect anomalies, and recognize evolving tactics, Barracuda’s AI stays one step ahead of cybercriminals.

Business Email Compromise

Business Email Compromise is a hard to detect employee impersonation attack. Barracuda’s AI will confirm the legitimacy of incoming mail through email authentication. Analyse the content of emails, looking for specific keywords or phrases commonly associated with BEC attacks. Perform sender, reputation analysis and many others.

Phishing and Impersonation

Phishing and impersonation attacks are designed to steal personal information. Barracuda’s AI will identify these threats by analysing anomalies in sender addresses or suspicious routing paths. It also scans the content of emails for phishing indicators like suspicious URLs, misspelled domains or requests for sensitive data.  AI assesses metadata, flagging emails that deviate significantly from a user’s typical interactions.  By combining these and other techniques, Barracuda’s AI powered email security can Identify and block impersonation attacks.

Phishing and Impersonation

Cybercriminals hijack business conversations using information they’ve gathered from compromised email accounts.  Barracuda’s AI will identify these threats.  It will asses the sender’s domain for typo squatting or impersonation signs including spelling and registration time. It will also flag potential signs of impersonation, like sudden changes in behaviour or requests for financial data. By combining multiple AI techniques, Barracuda helps organizations to significantly reduce the risk of Conversation Hijacking.

Unlock superior detection accuracy

Barracuda AI-powered email security excels at identifying targeted threats with high accuracy, reducing the risk of successful attacks. Barracuda’s AI continuously fine-tunes your email security by learning from patterns and behaviors, reducing false positive rates.

Secure email in real time

Barracuda’s AI analyzes emails in real time and takes immediate action to prevent malicious messages from reaching users. Upon detection, malicious emails are immediately purged from inboxes, eliminating the risk of user interaction.

Save IT resources without compromising efficacy

AI-powered security allows for robust threat prevention without customer configuration. With high detection efficacy, there’s no need to instruct the system on threat detection methods or create error-prone detection policies.

Barracuda Email Protection

Phishing and Impersonation Protection are included in Barracuda Email Protection.

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