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Archiware Portfolio

Archiware Portfolio

Archiware's P5 Software Platform consists of modules, which each serve different data management purposes. Learn more about the functionality of each module and find the perfect fit for your requirements in the Product Comparison.


  • Protect data on all levels in ONE solution: Archive, Backup, Cloning/Replication
  • Quick install + Easy to use
  • Give access to all in the company to Backup + Archive
  • Save time finding files with Archive as Single Source of truth
  • Save money and storage by migrating file storage Archive
  • Keep investment future proof and flexible: using disk, tape and cloud storage; OS and storage agnostic; many partners and integrations



 Easy operation with step-by-step introductions

 User friendly browser interface, available everywhere

 Runs on Mac, Windows, Linux, Synology, QNAP, NETGEAR

 Data safety across platform limits

 Fits into existing hardware environment

 Joint use of resources for several modules

 Supports RAID, SAN, XSAN, NAS and iSCSI storage

 Compatible with virtually any Tape Hardware (LTO-2 to LTO-9)

 Integrations with hardware and software partners

 Flexible, scalable license model


One Platform - One User Concept

The browser based user interface of the P5 Platform ensures maximum user friendliness. The structure within the modules is the same, minimizing the familiarization period. When the software is first opened, a step-by-step introduction guides users through the creation of data security plans – so the first run can start within minutes. Through the web interface, P5 is available from anywhere, anytime.

One Software - All Platforms

P5 Software runs on Mac, Windows, Linux, Synology, FreeBSD, QNAP and NETGEAR. This secures your investments, as the software can be moved to a different server operating system at any point in time.

P5 is also platform neutral with regards to the storage used and therefore allows for e.g. the cloning from one OS to another or the restoration of files on a different platform than the one of the source (example: The P5 Archive server running on Linux archives files off Mac workstations). The important file properties such as access rights and extended attributes remain intact.

Your Installation - Your Resources

Thanks to the universal compatibility, the P5 Platform fits into your existing storage environment. Investments in specific hardware are not necessary.

Resources can be used for multiple modules simultaneously – e.g. one tape library for P5 Backup and P5 Archive. If required, resources may be re-allocated to adapt to altered circumstances – without the need for re-installation and with minimal administration efforts.

Archiware offers support by in-house experts. Support and Maintenance are free during the first 12 months.

One Manufacturer - Many Partners

The Archiware P5 platform has compatibility with numerous storage hardware. P5 Archive and P5 Backup can be used with tape hardware by any manufacturer on the market. All modules support file servers as well as Direct Attached Storage, SAN and NAS, thus working with practically any type of disk storage.

On the software side, the P5 Platform has integrations with numerous partners, especially with Media Asset Management systems (MAM).

Free Choice of Storage

Which storage fits best depends on your requirements, budget and strategy. Each of the available storage categories - disk, tape and cloud - have their own specific characteristics and strengths.

Archiware P5 is integrated with numerous disk, tape and cloud partners. P5 Backup as well as P5 Archive can use disk, tape and cloud storage to offer maximum flexibility.

Updates in the Browser

P5 software updates can be installed directly from the web-admin interface on macOS and Linux installations. This is particularly useful for remote systems, such as Amazon EC2 instances, where updating can be complex. A simple click checks for newer versions on Archiware's servers, downloads and installs and restarts.

This feature is provided only for platforms that do not maintain their own software registry that includes P5. Both Windows and NAS systems such as QNAP, Synology and ReadyNAS include their own package manager.

The P5 License Model

The P5 Platform is delivered as one package in a single installer that contains all modules, which are activated with a license key. This way, additional modules can by added at any point without the need for time-consuming installation. For P5 Backup and P5 Archive, the license model is based on the capacity of the tape or disk storage used as well as the number of LTO drives in libraries.

License packages reduce the initial investment.