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AvePoint Fly Migration to M365
AvePoint Fly Migration to M365

Discover. Migrate. Monitor

Accelerate digital transformation with Office 365 migration.

Move, migrate, and consolidate legacy systems, cloud files, mail, and Microsoft Office 365 tenants into Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint. AvePoint maintain data integrity and never compromise security. No matter the path, AvePoint take a proven approach!


Proven tenant migration experts since 2003

AvePoint released their first migration solution to help SharePoint Teams Services customers upgrade to SharePoint 2003. Since then, they’ve supported every SharePoint version, and were among the first to offer migration to Microsoft BPOS, a precursor to the Microsoft Office 365 migration they offer today.


Your winning approach to SharePoint & Microsoft Office 365 migration

Migrations can be complex. We get it. Whether you plan to “lift and shift” or take a more strategic approach, AvePoint will support you every step of the way.

AvePoint's expert approach ensures your O365 migration success. Their migration methodology has been perfected over thousands of projects by their team of Microsoft-certified engineers. Whether you plan to go it on your own with our Microsoft migration tools, or employ our migration services teams, AvePoint's best-practice approach is built-in.

Before you migrate to Office 365, identify required, relevant, and sensitive content, and ditch the rest. Find out which customizations may impact your plans, and eliminate potential risks.

Move data to the cloud or the latest SharePoint version, automatically or on a schedule. Whether you migrate in bulk or bit-by-bit, AvePoint will keep it together, and won’t impact users.

Keep an eye on your migration process. Responsive monitoring, customizable reports, and content validation make it easier to ensure your project is on schedule and on point.

O365 migration, uncomplicated
AMPlify your transformation success


Discover Your Data to Plan for Success

AvePoint are here to help you ask (and answer!) all the right questions.

Find. Find out where content lives and how much you’ve got.

Analyze. Answer critical questions about content relevance to optimize your plan and process.

Plan. Easily understand the impact of scope changes without all the trial and error.


Migrate, consolidate, and transform your cloud and on-premises content

Migrations can be complex. We get it. Whether you plan to “lift and shift” or take a more strategic approach, AvePoint will support you every step of the way.

AvePoint's migration tool, Fly Server, can help you move, consolidate, and transform data from over a dozen cloud and on-prem sources. Mail, files, and collaboration can be brought together in your new modern workspace, with ease.

Migrate from the cloud... Or migrate from on-prem...
Other Microsoft 365 Tenants SharePoint 2003* / 2007* / 2010 / 2013 / 2016
Box File systems & Networked shares
DropBox Exchange Public Folders
Google Lotus Notes*
Slack OpenText LiveLink*
Egnyte* Documentum & eRooms*
Other cloud files* Websites*

*Supported via Migration Services only

... To your destination of choice
Microsoft 365 Groups
Microsoft Teams
Exchange Online
OneDrive for Business
SharePoint Online
Public Folders


Unlimited content migration. No installation needed

Quickly respond to Microsoft 365 tenant restructuring needs with our Azure-hosted SaaS solution

Move, migrate, or restructure cloud content in Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365. Migrate unlimited data easily and with full-fidelity. AvePoint's next-generation SaaS solution enables you to simply login and begin your next move. Built in discovery, mapping, and scheduling enable you to clean up or clean out data and reach your goals on time and within budget.


Migrate worry-free with Migration as a Service

AvePoint’s migration service is the only software company-owned migration service for Microsoft 365 & SharePoint. Backed by their world-class migration software, AvePoint's experts work with your scope and requirements to design and execute a thorough, phased migration plan.

AvePoint offer both consultation and implementation. Let their migration experts do the dirty work for you. they'll do it right, the first time! AvePoint's services team can support any of the sources their tooling does, PLUS legacy systems like Lotus Notes, LiveLink, or cloud file systems like Egnyte.

Your Benefits

Digitally transformed
Decrease time to value of your latest investment, and ensure your legacy data is properly represented in your modern workplace.

Improved data quality
Prune out what’s unnecessary and obsolete, and add structure (even metadata!) for improved quality and enhanced security.

Minimal business impact
IT teams get increased efficiency, and it’s back to business as usual for end users.