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Are you ready for 2024?

by PMD Solutions

Are you ready for 2024?

With a new year comes new challenges when it comes to protection and security of your Network and Data. With the rise of AI, cyber attacks are becoming more sophisticated and too many organisations do not have the infrastructure and software in place to deal with this. Our comprehensive range of solutions are designed to empower you with the security you need to create a safe environment for both all members of your workplace.

Network Security:

As workplaces increasingly rely on digital platforms for operation and administrative purposes, the need for robust network security has never been more apparent. PMD Data Solutions is at the forefront, ensuring you have a resilient defence against potential attacks. Along with assisting workplaces in upgrading their network infrastructure with the latest technology, we also have SaaS solutions allowing users to deploy virtual firewalls, enable Zero Trust Network Access and perform zero-touch deployment for WAN sites.

Data Protection:

PMD Data Solutions have over 40 years’ experience providing organisations with the latest Data Protection solutions, such as Cloud-to-Cloud Backup for Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace.  During this time, we have seen some huge technology advancements, with the most recent being a significant move from on-premise to cloud based systems. With the size of your data growing, there is an urgent need for solutions that meet compliance and keep your data safe whilst also providing the best value for money. With more affordable solutions available now for every industry, 2024 is a great time to assess your options.

Email Protection:

The exchange of email grows each year, with a significant jump since 2020 coinciding with more organisations embracing remote/hybrid working.  Email protection is proving to be a vital first line of protection in all business and schools alike. In 2024, many vendors expect ransomware attacks to be a large factor and most of these spawn from emails. PMD Data Solutions want to offer you a Free Microsoft 365 Email Threat Scan to start the year. The scan will help identify gaps in your email security and allow us to make suggestions on how you can address those issues and improve your email security.

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